Z2 - Drill Powered Pulley

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Description & Tech Specs

The Z2 is a multi functional device which combines the functionality of a pulley, descender, and electrically assisted ascender into one device. 


The Z2 requires a powerful drill to operate. The drill requires at least 50 Nm, however AWAH suggests 120 Nm for optimal operation.  Brushless drills are required as they don't build up heat as quickly.  Additionally the drill's battery has an effect on it's performance, therefore the more battery cells connected in parallel, the better. AWAH states that a 5.0Ah battery is just enough, but an 8.0Ah battery is ideal.  We have used THIS DRILL successfully as an example.  Anything less powerful and your drill will burn up.


Z2 is designed to lift heavy objects or people, and its lowering function is purely for convenience. Due to the one-way locking function of the ratchet, the release is not smooth, and requires the assistance of additional friction from the side arms of the device to manage the speed of descent. It is NOT a camming unit like a Gri-Gri. It is either engaged or completely open.


Additionally, as the device does not have an eccentric rope clamping structure to lock the rope, it MUST be used with a backup system. The Z2 is NOT certified. If you use a toothed device such as the Petzl Pro-Traxion, you won't be able to lower without disengaging your backup, but if you use a device such as an ASAP lock you can release slowly and still have the safety of the ASAP.


When compared to it's closest competitor, the Ronin Lift, the Z2 has some advantages:


  •     Z2 does not have integrated batteries, so it's lighter by about 4 pounds and 13 ounces; it does still require both an external drill and battery, however these at least serve multiple purposes and are often times already owned
  •     Z2 is considerably cheaper at $1499 versus $3823.99 for the Ronin Lift Kit; once again this does not account for the additional drill and battery
  •     Z2 supports a wider variety of rope options. The Ronin must be used with 32 carrier or smoother sheath (KM 3 Max for example). If the rope isn't smooth enough it binds up in the gear mechanism.
  •     Z2 allows the rope to be inserted at any point, whereas the Ronin requires the rope be fed into it


Z2 is designed to work with rope diameters ranging from 9-11mm. It works best with very stiff and static ropes. Normal EN 1891 ropes do not typically work well, because the ropes are too flexible. EN 1891A ropes work much better. 


The Z2 input shaft interface uses an 8mm (5/16") hexagonal bit. One is included with the Z2. The length of the bits should be such that the electric drill and Z2 are as close as possible without making contact. If they are too long it may cause the device to shake under power. 


During AWAH's tests, the Z2 ran for 100,000 meters with a safe margin, however this was not performed under load. The nominal lifespan of the Z2 is 20,000 meters. Although there is a safety margin in the design, a backup system is still required to ensure the users safety as the ratchet system is located inside the casing and cannot be inspected. 


The maximum load for the Z2 is 330 pounds and it has a gear ratio of 100:10.


The maximum load for the Z2-R is 440 pounds and it has a gear ratio of 100:12. The Z2-R is designed specifically for rescue, with the ability to lift more weight and a becket for easier pulley system rigging.


The most up to date user manual can be downloaded here

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